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crossing the Tanzania/Kenya border

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Can you cross the Tanzania/Kenya border at the Serengeti and head into Masai Mara? I want to know if it's possible to cross the border from Tanzania into Kenya where the Serengeti and Masai Mara intersect? We will have a rental car and can't find any information if there is border post at this location. Anyone know? Is this the best way to go or is there a better way to get from Tanzania to Kenya?


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    greetings Seth!

    you cannot enter the masai mara from the serengeti. border crossing there is no longer in existence. And I have doubts about being able to bring a rental car across any of the open border crossings, but your rental company will set you straight there.

    the best route from the serengeti to the Mara is to head out the western gate of the serengeti, up to the sirari/isebania border crossing, then follow roads to Kisii/Sotik/Bomet which will lead you towards the Mara. From the center of the serengeti, however, this is a full (12 hours plus) days drive, if you have a good vehicle... which is why people generally choose to visit either the serengeti or the Mara, but rarely both.

    hope this helps.
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    Crossing from Serengeti into Maasai Mara at the Bologonja Gate Tanzania/Sand River Gate Kenya is not allowed, this means you have to exit the Serengeti at the Ndabaka Gate and drive to Isebania/Sirare Tanzania - Kenya border crossings where customs and immigration formalities are available.

    From here you drive to Migori - Kehancha kuria - Lolgorian then to Maasai Mara. This is a distance of 400 Kms taking you about 5 - 6 hours as the roads can get bad during the rainy season especially the Kenya section of Lolgoria - Mara Section (25 Kms).

    All the best
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    Hi there,
    If i want to reach the Kenya sand river gate which i presume borders tanzania's serengeti then, how far is it from the Mara sekenani gate??
    is that the best way to access (not to cross the border surely) serengeti border via mara?
    is there a similar option in amboseli or via lake nakuru parks too to touch base at tanzanian borders?
    thank you v much
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    Hi Seth,must you drive on this trip, i suggest you do your safari in Tanzania,take a flight to mara and you can hire a car in will be less tiring.but we can organize a safari for you in Tanzania and have you dropped at Namanga boarder,then our tour driver will pick you from the boarder to go to mara.
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