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Hungarian National living in UK - EU travel advice

edited January 2011 in Visa and Passport
Hi all.

My girlfriend is an Hungarian citizen living here in the UK (been here 3 years now) - she currently holds a full Hungarian Passport which expires 6th June 2011, and a Hungarian Identity card (expiry 2012). We are going on holiday to Ibiza for one week on May 14th ... so some questions :

Can she travel to Ibiza with just 2/3 weeks left on her passport ?
If not, can she travel to Ibiza from the UK just using her Hungarian Identity card ? (she is convinced she can, but I have a funny feeling she won't be able to)

The new Hungarian passports contain new fingerprint technology which she can only get back over in Budapest - she can apply for a 1 year temporary passport which she can get from the Hungarian Embassy which we think takes a few weeks.

I'd really appreciate any help and advice on this. Thank you very much in advance.


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    Ibiza is part of Spain, and Spain is in the EU. Double check with someone else too, but I'd say she won't have problems - I've used such an ID card when visiting Cyprus without issues.
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