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Vehicle travel to Swaziland

edited January 2011 in - Southern Africa
If I borrow a vehicle in South Africa, what evidence do I need if I want to enter Swaziland with this vehicle?


  • edited February 2011
    I am not sure what the exact legalities are, as changes happen now and again on the SA side without explanation. 99% of the time there is no requirement to prove vehicle ownership at the SA side of the border, but on occasions the Customs officials sometimes ask for the cars registration papers. I would get a copy of these registration papers to take with you just in case. They are also useful for filling in border forms as they contain engine numbers etc.

    You will fill in a form on the SA-side of the border which is important to carry with you for exit back to SA again.

    On Swazi-side there is no documentation required - you just need to pay the R50.00 road tax fee after finishing with the immigration desk.

    Have fun - Swaziland is an easy country travel in.
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