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Chinese passport with US gren card

edited January 2011 in Visa and Passport
Hi David,

Can I enter the United Stated with my green card (still valid for 5 years) and a Chinese passport less than 6 month valid ? What I can do if so.Do I need to call the airline to confirm?

I am holding a US green card and Chinese (mainland) passport. I will be traveling to China and back for a few weeks. I will come back to the United States at the end of February, however, my Chinese passport will be expired middle July-which means that one the day back I will have a passport less than 6 month valid. As renewal of Chinese passport will take more than a month, so I wont be able to renew my passport before I leave and during my stay in China. I would just like to know that if I am still subjected to "6 month rule" of passport requirement.

Thank you very much for you help! I am looking forward to your answer!

Best regards,

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