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Ireland trip planning

We will be traveling in Ireland in July. We will be flying into Dublin and essentially going south than around and up to northern Ireland and then back to Dublin. So the question is can we do it in a 15 nite stay. And what is the weather like the first 2 weeks in July


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    15 nights should be adequate for this trip and the weather will likely be warm and pleasant. Unfortunately however, the Irish weather is very unpredictable more than 48 hours in advance so be prepared for the possibility of rain. Most tourists concentrate on Kerry, in the South West, but I would urge you to make sure to travel through the areas known as "The Burren" in county Clare and "Connemara" in county Galway. Sligo and Donegal are also very beautiful. I would skip Limerick and Waterford (unless you want to visit the Waterford Glass factory). When you go into Northern ireland make sure you see the inner city of Belfast - you will be quite safe and as tourists you can drive around areas of the city that locals would be reluctant to enter (because they are controlled by opposite sides in the sectarian divide). It's quite an eye-opener. Save time on your way back to Dublin to stop in Newgrange - this ancient archaeological site is a thousand years older than the pyramids of Egypt and in many ways just as interesting. The pyramids may be bigger but the complex knowledge of mathematics and the movement of the planets that was needed to construct Newgrange was every bit as impressive as anything in Egyptology. Have a great vacation!
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    do you have any hints for this group traveling with a visually impaired traveler?
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