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Job in College West Africa

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Dear All,
I am from Central Asia, Tajikistan (Former USSR republic). I have been offered a teaching job in NAVIN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION in West Africa. I need your advises on that. I am not married, is it safe for me to accept this offer? I mean is this safe to travel to West Africa for me?

Your responses/comments are very much appreciated.


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    Perhaps you can tell us where and which city in West Africa?
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    Thanks Lesley,
    thats my mistake. I just got that notification that the college approved my qualifications and offered me a job. So, I am now waiting for the guildline to proceed with my documents. But I didnt ask about the city, the location. it is called NAVIN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION WEST AFRICA..i will check the city and will be back soon
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    I got an offer from Navin college of education. It's in Porto Novo, Republic of Benin. The offer seems too good to be true. They selected me based just on the application & resume' I forwarded and have sent me an appointment letter.

    Here is the glitch, they ask me to send US$ 350 to some local authority over there for the visa procedure and the appointment letter talks only about the salary and the number of teaching hours.

    I'm not new to international travel and work procedures but there is no info about this particular institution on the net and they don't have a website.

    Should I take it?
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    Franky and Gulya - you are being conned I am sorry to say. Do not send them any money! This is a new variant of "advance fee fraud" where you need to send money up front for some processing fee. It is all criminals lying to you to get your money. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is - top salaries for no experience and all expenses paid? A chancellor by the name of Sir Don? Come on, all the clues are there ...
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    Franky dear friend, you are absolutely right. This very morning I got the same information from the same college. 134 PortnovoAvenue Portnovo, Republic of Benvin. I had doubt on what they promise becasue what is on their appoinment letter is not relevant to what was annouced on internet. Also I searched there is not any website form them. Anyway, i havet reply them so far.
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    To David: You are right David. Thanks !
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    I was selected from my only CV. No interview, no passport, nothing formal...they are not carefull themselves. I am happy to have this site and to discuss it. Otherwise, who knows what could happened...
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