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Is Crete in Greece? Is cyprus in Greece? Or are they separate countries? Greek islands sound like fun, and I'll be sailing from Turkey to Greece (among other places) over the summer. What is the best greek island to visit, and what are the average docking fees?

I'll also be taking some time ashore to see the country, can you see Athens in a day? If not, can you find an apartment or house in athens? I hate hotels. How does the weather in Athens compare to the islands in Greece? what is greek weather like in general? In such a short period as only a few days, what Athens attractions should I make sure to avoid if I don't want to spend my entire holiday standing in queues?

In all reality, do I need to learn Greek for greece? or can you still go to greece if you just speak english? I have about 10 days to spend here, besides Athen where should I go?


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