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edited February 2011 in - Italy
i am going to naples in 10 days time on feb 12 for 3 days. my uk passport expires june 11 2011.
will i be able to enter the country?
or must i get a new passport

many thanks


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    You should be fine as EU member countries only require a valid passport for EU members to enter. No expiry period is specified as for non-Eu nationalities.
  • thankyou very much david!
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    Mr. David,
    I am Asgar Ali, I would like to ask you one thing, I am indian nationality living & working in UAE, I wish to go U.K. how is possible, please let me know your best Idea for me..! thanks you so much

    Asgar Ali
    Z.H. L.L.C Shj
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    First of all i would like to say is that 'david' is perfectly right about the passport validity thing. No matter where you are, you can travel till your passport is valid. In case it expires in between then you can also renew it by keeping in contact with your embassy. So don't worry and enjoy your trip.

    And sorry don't have sufficient knowledge to guide you Asgar Ali.
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    Asgar - it seems obvious, but you need to apply for a visa through the British consulate in Dubai. Unless your passport is held by your employer.
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    aceldelmon - it is NOT true that all passport are always accepted until expired: unless you are an EU national travelling within the EU, a passport should have 6 months left to run before expiring.
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    Can my son travel to the U.S if his passport expires July 30th 2013 and we want to travel around Christmas 2012 or Easter 2013 15 now but will be 16 Feb 2013 or can his passport be valid to travel
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