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Where to go near Frankfurt Airport

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In the middle of march of 2009 I will have a layover of approximately 4 1/2 HRS @ Frankfurt Airport. I would like to go somewhere close to the airport where I can get something to eat and drink some beer, and perhaps do a little sightseeing. Can anyone help me with addresses and locations ?
Thank you,


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    Do you have 4 1/2 hours excluding re checking in for your flight? Frankfurt is a really busy airport. The good news is Weisbaden is close circa 30 mins away and much nicer, friendlier and walkable that FRA.
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    Thanks Kim,
    Are you from Germany ? You know the area well ?
    The last time I lived there was in 1976-1978. I went to High School in Karsuhe.So its been awhile. I really like Germany. I might take a couple days this year to go back and see everything again. I came through Frankfurt on a layover a couple of weeks ago, but didnt have time to go out and see anything.
    Thank you for your response. If you come up with good ideas on places to eat, see, take pictures,(drink beer) keep me posted, please.
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    We are traveling in late April with two adults and two kids. We will have a 6 to 7 hour layover in either Munich or Frankfurt. Any recommendations and suggestions on where we could go and the best way to travel back and forth from the airport. Also, will we have to carry our luggage or would we be able to check it in? Any helpful information will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Reggie
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    Good day!
    I am travelling through Frankfurt on the 30th of April, and I have a 14 hour lay over.. Any recommendation of to where to go and places to see, and what the best way is to travel to and from the airport would be appreciated.

    I have never been to Germany, so don't know much. Just need something to do to get the time go by fast, and the last thing I want to do is sleep, when I can be out there exploring!

    I will be thankful for any information!

    Thank you!
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    I will be Frankfurt June 10th.looking for a guest house to stay at for a week,any suggestions?

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    Once again I will have a layover for about 10 hours at Frankfort Airport. I will be there on Oct. 20th 2009. Can anyone help me please on sites to see, beer drinking establishments, resturants, etc, etc. How much are cab rides ? How far are these areas from the Frankfurt Airport ? Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
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    Daniel - take a browse through the Word Travels Frankfurt guide. It should have most of the info you are looking for.
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