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Worst Spanish School in Buenos Aires EXPANISH SPANISH AND TEFL

I was a student in 2009 at EXPANISH Spanish Language School/ Institute in Buenos Aires. This choice was the worst one I made after considering several schools in Buenos Aires. One of my friends wanted to start TEFL classes with them but he realized this school is INCOMPETENT, UNPROFESSIONAL and, above all, MEDIOCRE. They treat students like shit. Do not choose them for Spanish, they charge large amounts of money for the crap they normally offer/ sell. try other schools.

Colorado, USA.


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    Hi Experienced Traveller,

    I am one of the owner´s of Expanish and i´m interested in hearing more about your experience as we take any complaint very seriously. We aim to provide our students with the highest quality of service, experience and teaching throughout their stay in Buenos Aires and I am really concerned to hear that you have had a bad experience with us.

    Your use of Search engine ´keywords´ in your first sentence and the fact that you experienced this 2 years ago, makes me wonder if you are a genuine ex student?

    I’m am confident in saying that the vast majority of our students leave Expanish extremely happy (we are proud to have a 95% positive feedback from our post course evaluations), although we understand that there may be some students who leave us dissatisfied in such cases we do our best to resolve the issue so that each student leaves with happy memories. That is of the upmost importance to us. I would appreciate you getting in touch and to be a bit more specific about your experience so we can ensure it doesn’t happen again, even complaints from 2 years ago ([email protected])!

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    I took 2 weeks of Spanish classes at Expanish in Jan 2011 and also had a terrible experience. The teachers are poorly qualified and often share their complaints about the school owners with the students. I talked to a number of students at the school and they all felt disappointed with the classes.
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    i would like to hear what the owner says to dylan whose remarks were entered one day ago.
    where are you getting your 95 percent satisfaction rating. prove it. don't just say it.

    it sounds awful there. anyone who makes statements without backing their claims up is dubious at best.
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    Hi Dylan and Den,

    Thanks for your comments. It's great that you are both being so vigilent about Expanish related posts. Our 95% satisfaction rating is taken from our post course evaluation that every student completes (as we referred to in our previous post), as a result we can prove our figures.

    Anyone who has been to our school will know that our teachers at Expanish are all experienced and well qualified. As always our door is always open to discuss any negative experiences that 'real' students have had, so please feel free to get in contact with us at [email protected]

    Thanks again for your comments Dylan and Den
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    The problem is, you are the owner and therefore you have an interest in thinking and saying that your school is great. Can you point to a third party opinion about Expanish which supports that claim? You cannot reliably support your claims just by making other claims.
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    Hi 'Inquiring'

    Thanks for you comment. As we have said twice in this comment string. We have a 95% satisfaction rating from the students who fill out our end of course survey. We can of course prove this as we hold the surveys at the school and do a monthly audit. Our aim is to continue our reputation as one of the most well respected schools in Buenos Aires and aim to be totally transparent, so 'Inquiring' if you want to come and take a look at our surveys, our doors our always open. Or you can contact us directly at [email protected]

    If not, you can take a look at a number of the online review pages where we have many very positive reviews from our ex-students. Just to stress again, we are extremely sorry if anyone has had a negative experience at the school, unfortunately things can go wrong due to unfortunate circumstances. Our main priority is to make sure complaints are dealt with properly. I urge any one of you 'individual posters...'Inquiring, Dylan and Den' to contact us directly to discuss any issues you may have.

    Thanks again. Expanish
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    Hola Estudiante,

    Again, thank you for voicing your concerns, and we would really love to hear from you directly about any problems that you had with your program so that we can continue to improve the level of service we provide to our students. We wanted to go over your comments, as well, since we just now are seeing your post from October 2011. We would like to briefly respond to each of your concerns separately to make the answers as clear as possible.

    1. Housing With Expanish

    We do offering an optional housing service to our students where then can choose from a variety of student apartments and homestays. We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible while still maintaining quality. Keep in mind that we offer short-term, fully furnished and equipped housing options without a deposit and that every single option has been checked for quality, cleanliness and safety by a staff member. We also assign you your housing within our network of options according to your preferences. This is the housing service we provide, which is completely optional and not necessary for studying at our school, and students can always come and speak to our housing coordinator about any questions, issues or complaints that might come up during their stay.

    For students who are looking to find housing on their own we can also recommend hostels, hotels and even rental agencies that rent private apartments.

    We do have students who find housing on their own through different means and it is possible to find something cheaper. By finding housing on your own, Expanish cannot be responsible for any problems that occur. For example, if apartment owner does not return a deposit at the end of the stay or if something breaks like a water or gas pipe. We always want our students to keep this in mind and to take precautions when dealing with people or organizations that are not accountable to a trusted source.

    2. Volunteering in Buenos Aires through Expanish

    This is a similar issue to housing in that our volunteer program has a infrastructure that allows those who have never been to the city before to work in NGOs with support from both our staff and their direct supervisor. Again one can possibly find volunteer opportunities on your own, but doing an official Expanish placement you are assured of a quality working atmosphere with locals and 15 hours of work each week. It can be quite difficult to find volunteer opportunities on your own in the city as many organizations do not have the resources to manage inquiries from individuals who want to do short-term volunteer work. Our placement fee is a one-time payment that only covers the support services we will provide you, meaning that no matter how long you would like to volunteer, the price will be the same.

    3. Being Sure About Your Program

    Here at Expanish we always want our students to be sure of the program that they sign up for as once it is booked and paid for the dates are set for both classes and housing. We understand that plans can change after arrival and we try to be as flexible as possible in this sense, but we do have an administrative fee to change classes or housing after arrival. This is to make sure that students are 100% sure of any changes as it means reorganzing classes and housing. Also, keep in mind that once you have confirmed the program we have scheduled a professor for your class and if you make changes last-minute then that professor may be left without a class to teach after turning down other lessons knowing that yours was confirmed. All of this is in our terms and conditions that each student agrees and states that they understand when the fill out a registration form. Do you know if you read through this document when you filled out your form?

    Whenever a student is unsure of their dates or what they are looking to do, we always recommend that they book a shorter program to try it out first as they can always extend it after arrival. They just have to keep in mind that we cannot save their spot in classes or housing, so it is best to let us know as early on as possible if they want to extend.

    Again, we encourage anyone who has a complaint about Expanish to contact us directly so that we properly can address their concerns. We want to hear from students about their experience, especially about how we can improve the services that we provide in any way. This is why we hand out evaluation forms during every student's stay, but we would still like to hear from anyone even if they are no longer with the school.

    [email protected]
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    I am a current student of Expanish in BsAs and am thoroughly enjoying my experience here. I have had experienced and knowledgeable teachers who have delivered interesting and diverse lessons. Being a teaching professional myself, and having had a number of years experience in teaching, learning and training, I can say that the standard of teaching at Expanish is high, and that thus far, I have seen nothing that directly relates to the negative comments given above. Posting negative comments publicly on a forum such as this does nothing to benefit the progression of the school, and I'd strongly advise those unhappy customers to contact the school directly so that they can be sure no other students experience the same issues.
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    I've studied Spanish in Buenos Aires and the best advice I can give is DON'T GO TO EXPANISH OR ECELA. They're horrible people that don't give a [redacted] about you the minute after you pay. Try to go to a smaller school, they're cozier and as they don't have a million students per hour, they care about students being happy.
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    Any suggestions for a smaller school KlaraF?
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    Hi, I just stumbled upon this thread and was surprised by what I read, and felt compelled to respond to it.

    I went to Expanish last February and I had an amazing time there, and I know for a fact that EVERY one of the other students in my class felt the same way. I originally booked 2 weeks, and loved it so much I extended it and ended up spending my entire 4 weeks in Argentina at the school. Several others also ended up staying on for longer than they originally planned. The teachers were fantastic, the coordinator Fernando was great and even tried to contact me one day when I didn't go, just to check that nothing bad had happened to me. Everything about the school was done very professionally.
    I was staying in the school accommodation in Palermo which was also great (if a little pricey).

    I probably should say that I found this thread because I was searching for a school in Peru, as I am planning on going there next, and I was searching for top school lists that also had Expanish in their lists of south american schools, because I knew that as a reference point for what I wanted in another school.

    Awesome school, awesome staff and a fantastic atmosphere. I have every intention of returning some time down the road.

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    Hi, I would recommend El Pasaje Spanish; it's a small school, with really cool teachers and tailor made classes. I studied there and not only I found great teachers, but also I made very good friends (students, teachers and owners, who were all young and really fun to be around). You can take one week classes there if you want! They have individual and group intensive courses. Klara
  • I studied at Expanish for over a month and I found the school to be excellent.  I went from B1 to B2 while I was there and I found the program to be rigorous yet fun.  I had two different instructors and I thought they were both great.  You are expected to do work outside of the classroom so I would not suggest this school if you are not serious about improving your Spanish.  

    I also have to send a shout out to the support staff.  They were very helpful with day to day questions regarding living in Buenos Aires.  

    I also liked the diversity in ages of the students as well.

    I previously studied at another Spanish school also located in the same area and I was very disappointed so I feel I made the correct choice with Expanish.
  • go to LV studio. The teachers and classes are great. Also they have events every week which is great for meeting people and also practicing spanish. Everyone is nice there and will help you with getting to know the city too. 

  • I learnt Spanish in BA for 2-3 months but decided to switch the school right in the first week. I booked my course over the internet and the school was located in Palermo. At the end it was inconvenient because I wanted to be in the city center where I also did an internship and traveling all the time took too much time. I took some private lessons at Ailola Buenos Aires: The teachers really cared about me and the lessons have been tailored to my specific needs which was improving my Business Spanish know-how.

    Regarding the other comments about Expanish, I can't add much to it because I don't know the school. I only have seen the school building and it's quite huge. I wanted to stay at a smaller school. Ailola I can recommend.

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    I cannot comment on Exspanish, but I can agree with Emily's suggestion of Ailola Buenos Aires ( They were very professional and the teachers were great. 

    I took classes for 2 months with private tutoring for an hour each day during the first month. I always felt like they had my best interests at heart. One of the instructors convinced me I should drop the idea of home stay and go to a dorm so I could meet Argentine students. It was the best move I made. I made so many great friends who helped me explore the city and practice my Spanish.

    I hate to hear anyone had such bad experiences in Buenos Aires, since my experience was so good.

    I have just finished my time at Expanish (end of January 2014) and I couldn´t disagree more with the comments at the very top of the page. I have had an absolutely wonderful experience!!! All the staff were very professional, the teachers a very high standard and also had great fun participating in their extra curricular activities with fellow students. I can´t praise mt teacher more - I started a low intermediate level and after just 3 months of intensive 20 hour classes a week I can confidently say my spanish is a good advanced level :) I can now return to London and confidently be able to apply for jobs with Spanish as one of my languages! Expanish was also in perfect location! It is located right in the middle of town with public transport easily accessible. After class each day, I still had most of the day to all the touristy things I wanted to do and explore the city. 
  • I just finished up at Expanish recently coming from the states so I thought I would weigh in on what everyone here has been saying.  I came to buenos aires in november with hardly any conversational ability in spanish.  I had always loved spanish in school but never had the chance to study abroad or to live in a spanish speaking country.  after my time at expanish, I can say that I definitely have improved my spanish speaking ability... i can hold full conversations in spanish and move about the city at will, ordering at restaurants etc.  I think that is a good metric of the merit of a school.  It seems that the posters above are arguing about statistics etc.  I am just speaking of what i have experienced firsthand here at the school.  The academic director at the school, Gaby, was very helpful and good judge of my ability.  I was placed into an intermediate class, moved back to shore up the basics, and now am on the cusp of an advanced level.  I needed to get better at spanish for work when I start my new job in Ohio this summer.  For anyone from the states who is looking for a spanish school I can honestly say that they improved my spanish.  Their curriculum centers upon all the major parts needed to get better at spanish: listening, reading, talking and writing.  

    While all schools have their pluses and minuses, I would say that I was happy with my experience at Expanish.
  • I took classes in an school in Palermo, but before enrolling with them I've visited expanish and other schools. Even thou I didn't sign up for classes classes with them, there were very nice to me. I also want to say that I find very suspicious and also extremely low to use this forum to advertise other schools like elpajo, lv and others are clearly doing here.
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    I do not know about others Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires but my friend Pat recommended me the Ibero Spanish School and loved the experience. The location is perfect, super close to my apartment and the materials are great.
  • I do not know the other schools but took one week of Spanish classes in Buenos Aires with Ibero and got my TEFL certificate at the program is pretty intensive but worth it. I love Buenos Aires
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