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Morocco travel advice

My friend and I are thinking about travelling to Morocco together to see the sites there. I would like to know, if my friend has a gotten into trouble a year ago, she was convicted and put on probation, will we both be sent home or be allow to travel as long as we have proof of return flights. Should she wait until she gets her pardon in 3 years.


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    Was she convicted in Morocco, or another country? What passports are you travelling under?
  • she was convicted in Canada, we are also travelling under Canadian passports. I know I may not have a problem, I have been to Morroco before, I'm also worried that if I travel with her, this will also affect me.
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    As canadians you don't need visa's so Moroccan immigration has no way of knowing about her conviction, unless its stamped in her passport?
  • Thank you, I will pass the information to her
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    Iam a Nigerian but leave in Spain, maried here with the spanish resident, i want to find out if i need visa to go to Morocco or not?
    Please reply me to [email protected]
  • As your friends criminal record is not directly related to Morocco. There shouldn't be any issues to cause concern arriving into the country. Although I do suggest you tell your friend to be careful with her antics once in Morocco as I am very certain that she would not wish to visit a Morroccan prison !
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    wil be celebrating a BIG birthday in October and have chosen a trip to Morocco as my gift. Since I've already missed spring, when is the next best time to travel? I don't want to travel during Ramadan of course.

    And, can you pls refer me to a travel agency in the US that can pair me w/a group since I will be travelling alone?

    Thank you
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    Bellamora - Ramadan is from 22 August to 22 September this year. I suggest that you visit during October as the weather is cooler and more comfortable. I can't suggest a tour company in the US but can highly recommend Casablanca Travel and Tours. The director lives between Morocco and the US and you can contact them in the US. Website is:

    Enjoy your BIG birthday!
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    John - good plan - we will develop the Report Post function in due course.
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    going to Morocco.. I want to vost Fez meknas but also want to do one of the desert tours. Can I book that from Fez or do i have to go to Marakesh or ouarzazte to start the desert tour is train travel easy from Fez to Ouarzazte? any suggestion for a reliable tour company?
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    We just returned from a 12 day trip to Morocco (Jan. 2-14, 2010) with most arrangement made by Experience IT! Tours with offices in upstate NY and in Fes. They did a great job on driver, guides, picking out riads that were priced moderately and meeting all 4 of our needs...we set the itinerary..they made the arrangements. They were helpful, knowledgeable, flexible and fun to work with. Their prices were reasonable ($950 each for all rooms, travel, some city guides and many meals). Our vehicle was comfortable and the driver expert and great fun with perfect English. We did Marrakech, Merzougo and Fes and points in between. We recommend them highly. Found them on the Internet. Father in NY; son-in-law in Fes! We travel a great deal!
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    In Sept./Oct. 2009 we traveled to Tanzania and Kenya on a trip arranged by Wild Frontiers with HQ in So. Africa. Beware! We had them plan a private trip for 5. We laid out explicit desires in writing(not our first trip to Africa) and they agreed to them all. They did NOT deliver. We were promised a 7 passenger vehicle; were given a tight, OLD 5 passenger! We had dietary needs: low salt, no peanut oil, soy allergies. No problem. Didn't let cook know. Number one priority this trip was lots of exposure to locals in towns and 17 days we were in one market and one town! The fixed the vehicle in 2 days and also the cooking. But ignored our number one priority...they just did their normal 'fixed itinerary' once they had us in Africa. Two other things: they advertise having had Bill Clinton on safari. Turns out he did one day with them (probably a comp one at that) and you can be sure he had a premium vehicle not our shakey old one!!! The staff that we had for the trip, on the other hand, were except for not meeting our #one priority AT ALL and for having to push to get the other things fixed, we had an enjoyable trip. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. They do not honor their commitments. I have everything in writing!!!
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    Going to Marrakech end March. My husband has a heart condition for which he takes Diuretics - ergo needs to use the loo frequently - can you tell me if there are public toilets and are they easy to recognise?

    Many thanks
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    Look out for "toillet" - pretty self explanatory. Not too many about so go into a cafe or restaurant, they should be ok about it and not expect you to buy anything for the privilege as in other countries.
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