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re-entry visa requirements for US citizens residing in Thailand

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My nephew who is a US citizen residing in Thailand returned to the US for 30 days last month. When checking in at Portland airport, his ticket was refused by Delta and he was obliged to purchase a new single ticket. My understanding is that US citizens with a Thai residence permit are allowed to leave the country for 30 days. Please could you confirm that this is correct and that Delta were not in their rights to refuse to accept his exisiting tickets.

I would appreciate any advice which would enable my nephew to reclaim the price of the new ticket he was obliged to purchase.

Thank you in advance.



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    If Delta sold him a new ticket and let him travel back to Thailand, then the issue was only with his old ticket being not valid not with his residency status. If the old ticket was invalid, then there will be little you can do to get a refund, airlines have final say as to a ticket's validity.

    As far as I know, for a US citizen with a Permanent Residency permit, they can came and go as much as their permit specifies, but do need to get an Endorsement for Departure before leaving the first time and do need to return before their current permit expires. If they are here on a Non-Immigrant Type O, they can travel as frequently as they wish, no Endorsement for Departure needed.
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