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Repatriation fees when visiting nigeria

edited February 2011 in Africa
Hey guys i am travelling to nigeria from south africa and has been told by the nigerian embassy that because it is my first time travelling there i have to pay a repatriation fee of R6000. Why do we have to pay this


  • Hi Chox,

    The reason is very easy to find.

    Its a reciprocal action by the Nigerian government to south African national because the embassy of south Africa in Nigeria demands Naira 110,000 (One hundred and ten thousand naira) USD800 Approx. as repatriation deposit from Nigerians traveling to South Africa. This issue have become very popular among the traveling public and also, it has been discoursed by the Nigeria South Africa chamber of commerce as inhibiting traveling for business and holiday and therefore, negating the growth of tourism to both countries and deeply negating the desperately needed tourism cash flow

    See report in

    The Nigerian Government has instituted strict visa regulations for South African companies based on the diplomatic reciprocity of the governments. The Nigerian government aims to match the requirements of South Africa's visa regime with Nigeria.

    As a result the visa requirements for South Africans visiting Nigeria have become a lot stricter and the turnaround time to issue a visa longer than before.

    First time visitors to Nigeria will pay a repatriation fee of R6000 refundable on your return to South Africa
    No more urgent visas will be issued and visa fees are NOT refundable.

    From the forgoing, the deposit is refundable when you return to your country
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    Thank you very much, i guess what i want to know is, is there a way around having to pay those repatriation fee
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    What happens when you pay the fee but never leave South Africa? how do you claim your money back?
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    The basic reason for demanding the deposit in the first instance is basically to guarantee the return of the pax. back to his/her originating country. However, if the pax fails to return having paid the deposit, it will be forfeited.
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    Kindly tell me the amount being paid as repatriation fee when travelling from Nigeria to South Africa. Thanks
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