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Regarding My Current residence visa status

edited February 2011 in World Wide
I need a small clarification from your side.
Right now I have a DIFC Residence Visa with Work Permit which is sponsored by my previous company and is valid. They havnt asked me to cancel the visa or something as part of my final release or something. So, I believe I still have a valid residence visa for dubai. So, can you please let me know whether I can still travel to dubai with this current visa and stay there for some time and look for a job rather than cancel the current visa, get a new tourist visa and stay there. Can you please clarify on this. I really would like to save the time & energy getting wasted to apply a tourist visa when I already have a residence visa.
Also, if the sponsor right now cancels my Work Permit or Residence visa, is there any way to know the status of my current visa whether its cancelled or is still valid or not? Where can I goto check my visa status in India particularly in Trivandrum?

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