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Cueva de las Manos

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I have a friend who wants to travel to Argentina next month. He wants to see Buenos Aires, El Calafate, Perito Moreno and Cueva de las Manos. We are having difficulty finding out the best way to get to Cueva de las Manos from either Perito Moreno or Buenos Aires. Is it possible to fly? Is it necessary to drive 12 hours to get there. Please help us


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    Cueva de las Manos is closer to Perito Moreno, thus if you're going there you can easily go to Cueva de las Manos by land (not by air).

    Please note that travelling in Argentina can be very complicated and expensive as most flights only depart from Buenos Aires to the other cities in the country, so you would always have to return to Buenos Aires, if you were to fly to El Calafate to Iguazu or Mendonza.

    Last year I travelled to Argentina and Brazil and used the service of a local travel operator: Velocitas Travel,, which arranged all details of my trip to both countries. Awesome service and fair pricing.

    Lilian Heller
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