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Can some body please help me regarding Dome Syme Center

edited February 2011 in - West Africa
Hi all, First of all can some one help me in telling me where the Dome Syme Center is in Achimota Accra Ghana please, I have looked everywhere on the net including earth Google, a woman living in Ghana gave me this as her address but i cannot find it anywhere and she is not exactly forth coming with answers.

Also if anyone is considering sending money to women in any part of the world via Western Union especially Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia be very careful that you know the person inside out first as there is a major scam know as a 419 scam that started in Nigeria and has now spread across the world including to Australia. These people say they live in America and once you befriend them they ask you for your yahoo address, then once they have it you are done, they actually live in Nigeria or Ghana and they will ask you to help them with a visa or whatever else you can think of, once you send money to them you will not hear from them again, but if your stupid enough they will keep asking for money until they have breed you dry, i was smart enough to do my homework first so i suggest everyone does the same, be very careful.


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    Thanks for the comment and the advice of help but in the past month or so it has been determined this woman was only after one thing and that was money,maybe it is to try to escape hardship of living in a country that doesn't really care about the people living there and then maybe it was all rubbish and i was chatting to some Nigerian or Ghana man wanting nothing but to rip me off,just as well i was smart and did my homework first hey.
    If anyone want's my advice if you meet someone on the net from any country do your home work first, find out exactly what is required for someone to come into Australia by contacting The Department of Immigration,Get to know the person inside out but if it is a scam they will try very hard not to pass on any private or personnel information about themselves especially if you refuse to transfer money via Western Union-ask them for bank account details in their name and ask for documentation also and if they refuse for any reason then it is more then likely a scam for sure. Do your home work, look for someone closer to home-after all there are genuine people out their who are genuinely looking for a partner and also have feelings. As for me i am done with the foreign rubbish now and i will be looking a lot closer to home fro now on.
    Thanks to everyone who responded
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