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Israel trael with UAE stamp in my passport

edited February 2011 in Middle East

I am travelling to Tel Aviv in March. I have been twice before and know the airport security is very thorough. Last year I went to Abu Dhabi for a holiday. The stamp to this destination is in my passport. I heard that travelling to or from a Middle East city to/from Israel could be a problem but I will be travelling from the Amsterdam via the UK so hoping this is ok. My questions is, will I have any problem at the airport and what should I do to avoid any hassle.


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    Dear Micheal
    Good day from Jordan Experience Tours Jordan & i hope that you are doing well

    Kindly note that you will face this problem in Syria & Iraq, you can not enter to this counrty with the Isreal stamp on your passport

    For any further informatio, Please contact us on [email protected]
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    I had an unrelated hassle in Tel Aviv, returning to US. I had been traveling alone and didn't have documentation to prove I'd been running a training in Israel, had left behind copies of my materials. I had to stand in one place for 2 hours while airport security looked thru my belongings and interrogated me in public. I had no phone numbers either for the folks I'd taught with. They believed I was lying about my activities while I'd been there. Finally they found a flyer for the kibbutz/resort where I'd been staying, which was a very secure place and "proved" someone had said I was alright. I was having hot flashes, it was hot anyway, which made me appear more suspicious to the 20-year-olds. They finally let me go, I caught my flight. I was impressed with their concern for safety. I did not have stamps from any Moslem countries in my passport, was a US citizen.
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