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where to travel in turkey for a good spa and shopping experiences

edited February 2011 in - Turkey
Good day,

Thinking of planning a trip to turkey for march 2011 and wanting to know whereabouts in turkey am i more likely to get a good shopping experiences of fake designer brands like gucci LV, chanel, marc jacobs etc. i heard that the quality are really good.

any ideas or suggestions anyone.



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    Most resorts have the shopp?ng you want!!! The quality does vary within the resorts as well.

    Bodrum has excellent shopp?ng especially ?n Bodrum itself. Check the quality yourself and do not always be swayed by the salesman patter! Also there ?s a b?g market ?n Bodrum on a Tuesday for textiles, cloth?ng, hangbags etc. Turgutreis on the peninsular also has a b?g market on a Saturday. You w?ll find plenty of choice ?n this area. Often though you can f?nd the same th?ngs at the same price in the shops but the markets are fun and well worth a visit. Also prices can vary from day to day so if you find what you want at a good price do not expect the price to be the same tomorrow - grab it then and there!!
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