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Help needed to arrange holiday in Cuba on way to Puerto Rico

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Hi All,

Slightly complicated but we live in London and my girlfriend is starting a job on a cruise ship leaving from Puerto Rico in a couple of months. We have always wanted to visit Cuba so are trying to book a week there before she goes (better to say our farewells there than Heathrow!).

We are struggling to find a) reasonable price holidays in Cuba and b) any way of booking from London, a flight for her to get from Cuba to San Juan at the end.

I'm guessing the best way is to book a the cheapest package we can find for a week in Cuba (even though her return flight will be wasted) and hope to book a flight for her to Puerto Rico when we're in Cuba, but I'm not sure if that flight even exists?

Any help much appreciated.

Rob (bic™ - it's a pen name!).


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    1.) The United States has had a crippling embargo in place against Cuba for decades.

    2,) Cuba is the only country in the world where it is illegal for a US citizen - or anyone even residing in the US no matter what their nationality - to visit as a tourist unless they special permission from the US State Department.

    3.) Thus, there are no commercial flights available for normal tourists from anywhere in the US to Cuba.

    4.) Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States so everything above applies to them.

    From the Caribbean you can fly to Cuba from the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic and wherever else I'm forgetting - but obviously not from Puerto Rico.

  • bicbic
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    I thought that may be the case, however some nice options there.

    Cheers, Cheers Terry.

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    Unfortunately it'll be expensive. Flights are not cheap in the Caribbean.

    Good luck. I hope you can arrange Cuba somehow, it's a very interesting country...

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    hello rob,when booking for a holiday in cuba visit the website they are absolutely brilliant will beat the lot of them ie thomson thomas cook first choice virgin etc etc if you have already had quotes and you contact the web page i have mentioned just tell them what you have been quoted and you can be assured they will
    knock spots off the quotes you have had,best wishes rob and let me know how you get on,reg.
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