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Northern lights in Reykjavik

edited February 2009 in Europe
what are the chances of seeing the northern lights saturday 21 feb-24th? in or near Reykjavik?


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    Dark nights in winter are helpful of course
    Northern ;ights depend on solar activity - which follow an 11-year cycle
    So it depends on the year you travel
    Check Astronomy websites for solar magnetic storms / outbursts

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    Estimating only 3 days is a bit too few days. I would not plan a trip to Iceland to the lights for anything less than one week. The lights are very difficult to see and they are dancing very rarely but still end of Feb is a really good timing for try. However plan to do something else in the evening tours e.g. go to a lobster house at Eyrarbakki, so you dont waste your evening for nothing in case they decide not to show up at all:) or lay out in the nature in some of the hot natural spring e.g. just above Hveragerdi. Most of the information you need on this all in Iceland can be found on this website: northern lights in Iceland
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    The chances are low, go in the winter. Nevwr go in the summer. the chances of seeing the lights are nule and the chances of you see the red light in your credit card's is high, be awere it's a beautifful but fucking expensive country in the high-season.
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