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levy i had to pay which is called departure levy which cost $285

Ashley Schultz, new scammer name, she can show you copy of the ticket from KLM, the next day will say, they wouldn;t let me on the flight, I needed such and such more money for levy i had to pay which is called departure levy which cost $285 . This is all another way to scam you, do not send money to anyone over their. she sign her emails Ashley Cares, and claims to work for UNICEF. She will stay with you for weeks on email, be careful, and if they send a picture, delete it, they have attachments that can copy your every more. Its funny how, you just signed in, boom theres a email. Delete those pictures, out of everything, be smart, Also another girl out of UK, Kimberly Darlington, she is scammer too.


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    ive been doing searches on Kimberly Darlington for months, but never put scam after the name till now. Wish I had, I've already given out too much personal information. How do we stop crooks like these people? But it's my own fault for falling into a trap, just glad no money has been exchanged.
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    Hello there, Feelingsused&ampIf you are refering to this Kimberly Darlington with this email ID then I too was a victim of Kimberly Darlington. Unfortunately I got caught to her trap and exchanged money. I did searches on her for months as well and out of the blue after more than 2 and a half years since it happened, the same Kimberly has requested a friendship on Facebook two days ago. I didnt accept her friendship request. But I really like to bring this person to justice and to get my money back, more over stop her from doing the same to others. I beleive she is a US Citizen as most of her friends are from the US.
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    To 'usedbykim' much money did u exchange with Kimberly Darlington? Why don't you do some payback and ask around with her facebook friends how they know her! I'll be glad to join you!! Better yet, find a way to have her yahoo account deleted or hacked to warn others.
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    I think I was also a part of her scam. Money ticket requests, travel allowances. I assume that one of you has received photographs of her. Mine were of a very pretty blonde claiming to be from London, UK. If its the same woman, let me know and I will share the photographs and information I received from her.
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    why would you all sit and write such a thing about Kimberly Darlington ? You are all bunch of liars . How the hell did you even get my email . If you are sure of what you are saying . Post my picture and tell the world your name . Bunch of fools
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    You can find more information on the name Kimberly Darlington and what to watch out for on dated 2/18/1012. Do NOT send her money! She uses the email or
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    Kimberly Darlington uses photos of KelseyXXX. A porn star. She has been found on match, love and seek and other sites using a variety of names. You can find photos of her posted online as a scammer along with stories of the people she/he scammed.
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