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Expected salary / cost of living in Madrid??

edited February 2009 in - Spain and Portugal
Hi I want to know the salary that I can expect as a Software Engineer with 5 years experience, going to Madrid.
Atleast can some one help me by telling me how many Euros (Cost of Living) do I need per month for a comfortable living?


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    Uppsss. I hope it´s not too late for this answer.
    I have lived in Madrid for 2 years and depending on your definition of "comfortable living", I would say between 1100 and 1400 €/month.

    Madrid is a quite expensive city in comparison to most of the regions of Spain and you can expect the following prices.

    -Renting a shared flat about 350-450 €
    -Renting an appartment on your own about 600-700€
    -Public transport about 50 €
    -Purchase of food and cleaning products about 150-200 €.

    The other question, the income of a software engineer with 5 year experience..... Well it depends of your capacity to get a good job but I would say that you could get about 30000€/year gross which means about 1600 €/month after taxes.
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    I do not have the exact figures, but I heard that it greatly depends on which part of the city you live in. A friend came from Madrid this spring, and he mentioned that some city quarters were hit pretty hard by the real estate bubble burst, to they are pretty cheap now. Just my piece of info.
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    Hi, stumbled upon this thread. I'm studying in Madrid this October. And I was wondering how much the electricity, water, gas, and phone bills are?
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