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Israel trip planning: advice please

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I can imagine that its going to be hot at end of August / beginning of Sept ?
Im planning on entering Israel from Amman (over the King Hussein bridge ) and was wondering if anyone has done this recently ? Planning on spending approx 7-8 days in Israel - so any past travelling ideas from anyone ?

I wish to spend at least 3 days in Jerusalem , go to Bethlehem ( and poss do an overnight there ) and the Dead Sea / Ein Gedi on another day. Will end up in Tel Aviv for a night and day as flying out from there.

Thanks for your time and advice ( in advance)



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    Hi Jeff,
    I live in Israel and if you have a hard time with heat and humidity you may consider later in the year or earlier the next,especially in the coastal area that includes Tel Aviv(less important as you'll be there a day).in Jerusalem it's usually better as it's drier and the altitude helps.Dead Sea area is dry too so not too bad.still,maybe put it off if you can sure find data about temp and humidity easily.
    of course public places,hotels,trains/buses have AC so indoors is ok.
    your plan sounds reasonable.try to get to Massada and if you can-even for a few hours-the Bahai Gardens in Haifa-you can get there by train from TA-approx an hour,from the station it's not far. they have a website.If you can add even 2 days to the tour see the north,including Haifa as mentioned and the grottos in Rosh Hanikra (train to Nahariya and you'll find service cabs there) .

    Good luck
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    there are quiet a few companies doing local tours,includung the north.Sea of Galilee,Golan heights.Reuven
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    Thanks for your advice and recommendations Reuven - appreciated.

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    We want to visit Israel in the first week of Nov 11 for a Agricultural + Sightseeing Tour. Can U plz suggest Us best Itenararies for a group of 15 people from India ? Thanks !
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    I am a British citizen and my wife is German. We plan to visit Israel in October this year. I know that neither of us require a visum, but we visited Egypt two years ago and both have an official Egyptian stamp in our passports. Can that lead to problems on entering Israel?

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    I am going to Tel Aviv and am going to drive up to Tiberias in Galilee. Which is the best route avoiding all dangerous areas please?
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    We are planning a trip with a tour to Israel,(Jerusalem, Tiberius, Bethlehem, etc.) in March 2012. I was
    wondering what the weather is like then to know what kind of clothes to bring.
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    Hello Jeff , am khalifa Abdulmaruf from Nigeria haven been planing to visit Jordan since 3years ago but all my effort were proving abortive reason that there is no Jordan embassy in my country and even in all west African countries,please dear brother i will be glad if you can sincerely help me out i need just a month visiting visa,just name your price.Thank you from.......................KHALIFA ABDULMARUF
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    Hello Kathy
    You can find details about the weather in Tel-Aviv and more information here:
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    We will be coming to Israel in March 2012 ,Jerusalem,etc.What is the weather like and what kind of clothing shall we bring, want to bring as little as possible.
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    John, if you use google maps directions tool it gives you the most direct route which also happens to keep you out of the west bank (assuming you will arrive into Ben Gurion airport). If you want to take the scenic route, head straight into Jerusalem and come out on the eastern side on highway one, you can then skirt the south of Jerico from where you can see the dead sea to the south. Turn north on to the 90 and to the sea of Galilee up the very lovely Jordan valley. You can make a stop at the Yardenit Baptismal Site on the southern side of the sea of Galilee before continuing up the western shore to Tiberius.
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    visiting israel without seeing the negev desert would be a miss. If you don't have time to organize it yourself, you can contact a local tour operator. Here's one i recommend in Mitzpe-ramon:
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    hi im traveling to israel and plan to be leave back to the us on the 19th of july. i was wondering if my passport needs to be renewed since it expires on the 17th of jan( two days less tha 6 months!!)! do u think that would represent a problem?!
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