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8 nights with car, starting in Amsterdam and ending in Amsterdam

My wife and I are trying to make the most of eight nights in a candy store of so many places to go. Our goal is to see bruges, brussels, hague, antwerp and Amsterdam.

Is this rushed or could we see more, like Lexumbourg.

Would love to have some input from people who have done it. Maybe we can tweak this trip up and learn without wasting our time and money.

Your advise and comments will be our best guide, as we have the books, we need your do's and don't. We are going in Late May to June. First stay is in London England. My wife has been there. Flying to Amsterdam and touring is where we need your knowledge base.

Thanks for your time and help


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    Good afternoon,

    I have some feedback for you regarding your trip to the low countries this spring/summer. I am a European travel specialist and I have lived in Amsterdam and I have traveled throughout the areas.

    This is my suggestion for your itinerary:

    - Fly into Amsterdam. Stay 3 nights (two full days).
    - Either visit the Hague as a day-trip from Amsterdam (with/without guide) or stop on your way to Belgium (depending on how much luggage).
    - Stay 2 nights in Bruges (one full day). Small town - easily walkable - very recommended
    - Stay 1 night in Antwerp (or visit as a day-trip from Brussels)
    - Stay 2 nights in Brussels
    - Fly out of Brussels

    I would stick with the Netherlands and Belgium - Luxembourg is nearby but will take at least a couple nights to see and is a bit out of the way. This is why I would just concentrate on these two countries instead.

    You won't really need a car - it will be more of a pain in the cities. I'd recommend taking the train instead.

    If you need assistance with hotels, transportation, tours, sightseeing option and more - please don't hesitate to contact me. I also have a Europe travel blog -

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you,

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