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Questions about visiting Egypt

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I am going to go to Alexandia Egypt in March of this year..
1- I need to know what i need do when i arrive there at airport for whom i c for visa ?
2-What i need to do to get visa when i arrive?
3-Can i take my computer with me ?
4- can i stay 30 days ?
5- What visa when arrivel i should apply for for visiting Egypt ?

I am from Texas .. I can't wait to go i am so excited about going... I do have friends over there that i will be staying at while there.


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    Dear Sir,
    1- Go to the bank to ask about visa
    2- Yes you need entry visa and it cost 15 $
    3- Yes you can take your computer with you
    4- yes you can stay 30 days
    5- normal visa

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