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Melbourne fires: should tourists stil visit?

edited February 2009 in - Australia
I have booked a trip to Melbourne, Australia departing in 10 days. Are the fires still going, and is the air filled with smoke? I want to go but am wondering if the place has been ruined for a while at least.Anyone been there recently and can comment?


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    Melbourne is fine to visit right now, the bushfires were on the outer eastern and some of the northern rim of the city, there was some smoke about, but it is not bad at the moment by any means, and some of it was from 'backburning' to contain the fires. It is a nice place, always will be. Am a local, so please come and visit!!
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    Actually this is not a big drawback...

    The Aus govt rectify the firing lose soon and It never affect the tourism....

    Thanks for the topic...


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