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Australian Visa - ETA

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Hi, my husband and I are planning a trip to Australia next month and we are wondering which travel visa is best for Australia? We are planning on staying 3 weeks and then heading to Indonesia. I hear that an ETA is best. Does anybody have any experience getting one? Oh, and we are from Maryland, USA. Thanks and hopefully the Brisbane area is drying up!;)


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    For you and most others, a simple tourist visa for Australia, or ETA, is best. It takes the place of an actual paper stamp and is electronic so it's a lot simpler! The only catch is you have to be from one of the Australian Visa qualifying countries. In your case, being from the USA, you qualify. The visa will last you 12 months from when it's issued and is valid for 3 months on any one visit. Your 3 week trip would, of course, fall under that category.

    In general, Australian Visas are electronic, extremely affordable ($11-20 AUD), and are processed within a few hours, but they do not allow you to physically work and get paid locally. If, however, you are being sent for work, then a Business ETA is also an option. Here is a list of the 3 different Australian Visa options for you or other readers to consider. Lastly, and perhaps the most helpful, are the frequently asked questions which contains the most thorough ETA information. That is simply an informative page from my website. Hope this helps!
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