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Can South Africans get a visa to work in Taiwan teaching English?

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Young S.A. couple in Thailand wish to proceed to Taiwan to teach English (both qualified). They have an offer of accommodation in a private home for 1 year. What type of visa do they need to apply for and how difficult is it to get.
Can they apply from Bangkok?


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    Generally English teachers arrive on a tourist (visitor) visa and then convert it to a resident (for working) visa after arrival. While converting your visa you shouldn't, legally speaking, work - but many employers will expect you to do this, and the risk of getting into trouble is very low indeed. You'll probably need to do a health test at a Taiwanese hospital, and you should bring originals (or certified copies) or all relevant documents e.g. college degree, teaching qualifications, marriage certificate (if one of you is going to rely on the other for a spouse visa).

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