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Safety in Central America

I am planning a trip in a few months travelling from Cancun Mexico into Peru through Belize and Guatamala and am just wondering if anyone has done this themselves and wether its a good idea to be attempting this trip whilst travelling alone. I have travelled before but only in Asia and Australia and have heard that S.America is a different kettle of fish. i can speak only basic spanish so wondering how i will get on. does anyone have any experience of doing a similar trip? any tips, places etc would also be greatly appreciated.


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    If you have traveled asia you will be fine here. Just use common sense. For more specific information on El Salvador, where I have lived since 1994 feel free to post here or write me directly at [email protected] . For general information about El Salvador check out .
    What ever you do don't by pass El Salvador, although tjhe smallest country in Central Amreica it is worth a visit if only to discover the warmth of the people.
    Have a great trip and if you do come check out Suchitoto( a must see if coming to El Salvador), where I have been living since 2000. Check out and the official site at
    For more information about what I do here check out my sites at and
    Have a great trip
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    Hi there.

    I travelled around South America by myself a few years ago and had a fantastic time! I visited Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador and found no problems as a solo traveller. My main advice would be to stick to the tourist trail for each country ie stay where the other backpackers are. It's easy to get to know people as you go and seek their advice on which areas are safe. If you're looking for some inspiration for what to do in Peru, I would suggest including the following places on your itinerary:
    Huacachina - stunning desert oasis where you can do sand-boarding
    Islas Ballestas - a place to go if you love wildlifel; there's an abundance here!
    Nazca - to see the infamous Nazca Lines
    Lake Titicaca - get an insight into how the local people live on the islands.
    Macchu Picchu - inlcuding the Inca Trail if you like trekking
    Arequipa - visit the beautiful Colca Canyon

    These are all the main highlights of Peru. I hope you have a really fantastic time!

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    Hi Suzanne, thanks for your advice, i have shortened my trip to just central america to give me more time to enjoy the countries. Peru and the rest of South America will have to wait for another trip.

    thanks again for you imput!

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    Travelling alone have great fun and excitement. I also love to visit alone. While travel alone you must take care of a few things. I advice you to take information from the visitor's center of the city where you want to visit. They can provide you the best information about the place. That will definitely help you on your trip.
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