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Tunisia Crisis



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    Lesley, you are so good reasuring everyone to come to Tunisia :-) I am travelling with my family to Hammamet the day after tomorrow, so I am looking forward to the second visit this year. I really hope to enjoy our stay as much as last January just days before the whole unrest started and the weather seems to be so much better!
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    Viorica - welcome back!! I am sure you will enjoy your stay and it is still quite warm so you will even get to swim in the Med this time around.

    Enjoy beautiful Hammamet!!
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    oh I feel a bit jealous of all of you going to Tunisia soon. I love the country and if I could I would go there tommorrow again :) and although I don't live in Tunisia, I can say what Lesley says all the time, that Tunisia is a safe country. I was 3 times in Tunisia over last 20 months, also shortly before the revolution, and I always felt safe there. We drove from Tunis to Tatouine (well, not in one go), Dougga, El Jem, and everywhere was safe and people are nice. I always recommend Tunisia to everyone here in UK :)
    Maybe I should invest and buy a property and in 30 years, when I retire, move to a beautiful Tunisia :)
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    Just came back last night from the sunny and lovely Tunisia! Everything was just great :-) The whole week we had brilliant weather, delicious food and met nice people, so can't complain! And yes it is safe to go there!!! Will defenitely be back!
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    MissBebeti and Viorica - thank you for your feedback and news for others from my Tunisie!! I am so glad that you enjoyed your vacations here and that you want to come back, that's great news and we are waiting with our usual warm welcome for you all.
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    Hi Lesley, Been reading your comments on the fact that Tunisia is now a safe place to visit. We are planning a trip at end of October. Do your recommend any particular resort area that would have better weather this time of year? Not been to Tunisia before but I have been worked door in Libya - but that is another story. Looking forward to making new friends. Regards. Chris.
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    Hi Chris - well a neighbour, welcome to Tunisia! The weather in the Sahel is normally quite nice in October, not hot but not cold either, but the nights tend to get chilly. These are my top spots:

    Nabeul - bit laid back, easy to get around, within easy reach of Tunis and with great restaurants and lovely beach.

    Mahdia - very beautiful old city. Can be a little boring for those who want to club/drink etc!! But the beach is lovely and quite isolated and the medina is worthy of more than one visit

    Hammamet/Sousse - bit towns with lots to do and see

    Djerba is always quite warm but you need a car to get around and back over to the mainland.

    It depends what you want to do on your holiday, if you want more suggestions then I'll be happy to help.

    And you will be interested to know that the population of Tunisia has risen by 10% due to the influx of Libyans LOOOL - you'll feel right at home

    Hope you enjoy your vacation here.
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    Hi there,
    I am planning on going toTunisia and stay for about 10 days in january coming from Barcelona. I will be travelling solo.
    I got a couple of questions:
    1 - I thougth about going another time as i keep seeing that going to the beach is fundamental part of vacation in Tunisia. What´s the winter like in Tunisia in january? Is really worth going to Tunisa in january?
    2 - I am not considering driving. Is it easy (as it is in Marrakech for instance) to find a group tour in Tunis to visit places that are not reachable in day trips? In that case would you suggest any travel agency?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated
    Thanks a lot
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    Hi Brazilian traveller - the weather here in January is cold! It's a little milder on the coastal resorts but it is not beach weather, although I have seen some English trying to sunbake in the wintry sun LOL!! It depends if you want beaches or not, I don't think the beach is a major part of a visit to Tunisia - there is so much more to see and do and whilst our beaches are lovely I can't imagine sitting there day after day.

    You can see many tourist organisations for Tunisia on the internet, I can recommend the following company: [email protected] and they will be able to arrange a very good guided tour for you.

    For the best weather in Tunisia March - June (July/Aug too hot) Sept - November. I hope you will come and enjoy your visit with us
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    Hi Lesley. Thanks for your advice. By the way I am English.I just worked in Libya a few years back. I will let you know how the trip goes.
    Thanks again. Chris.
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    we are going to mahidia on the 14th june will it be hot then also some people have said its not to safe to go out at night we are staying at the iberostar royal el mansour have you had any feed back about this hotel ty xx
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    It is hot in June everywhere in Tunisia so you have picked a great spot in Mahdia. It has gorgeous sandy beaches which are not overly crowded.
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    Ditto I forgot to answer all your question.......It is safe all day and night in Tunisia so don't worry! Go out and enjoy the balmy evenings and explore this ancient city at sunset, it's beautiful. Your hotel is part of a large chain of resort hotels operating throughout Tunisia and have a fairly good reputation,.

    Enjoy your vacation with us
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    Hello I am going to port el kantaoui in april stayin in a riu hotel im just worried that it might not be safe im travelling with my husband and 15 month old son and im a bit concerned with all the trouble in the past, is this a safe place to visit?
    Thank you.
  • Hi lesley. Im going tunisia skanes in a few days with my boyfriend looking to stay at hotel as we going to relax around pool and on beach. Is it safe there? I keep trying to find reviews what the area is like ect but I cant find no up to date ones only from a few years back. Any help and information will be great.
    thank you chev
  • Guest......certainly it is safe everywhere. Kantaoui is a pupose built tourist area. It is safe day and night. We dont have any problems here and the only big thing happening soon will be our elections. So come and enjoy yourselves, Tunisia is beautiful
  • Hi Chev, you dont find reviews because there is nothing bad to say! Skanes is calm a d quiet. There are no problems here. It is safe and probably safer than many other countries, no extremism so dont worry, come and enjoy yourselves.
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