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Visa procedure for dubai

edited February 2009 in Middle East
I am applying for a job in the UAE and they are asking for my Visa Status what does that mean (am in africa and do not yet have a visa) need to get a job some where before getting a visa for that place isn't it.
What is the procedure to get a UAE visa.


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    In order to obtain a working VISA for Dubai, you will need to be first sponsored by your employer who has agreed to give you a job over there.

    Take a look at which has some good info on VISA requirements.
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    UAE visa requirement is governed by your nationality and this other factors.- for employment yo need to have already secured employment you employer applies and does the needful that you get the working visa and permits.if you want to travel and search for job in Dubai,currently visa rules are getting stiffer as the authorities are empowering the immigration officials to even counsel already approve visa decision is final,the has come with the world economic recession effects.
    agaian your qualifications and skills are factors too.
    where are you now,in what city and country?
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    Thanks alot for ur responds, I work for a Brewery Company in Bamenda, Cameroon
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    Am in india i got my vwork visa copy,anybody pls tell me what is the next step.
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    you can visit this site for Dubai visa processing look for Noel. This company is a registered tour operator and accredited by Dubai Immigration.
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    i wnt the visa to seek job n Dubai,What is th procdr of it.
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    plz send me links of companies on which we can apply online and to get emp.visas
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    im looking for job in Dubai i have few question please can u answer it
    1. how old should i be to work as a maid?
    2. how will i get my work permit?
    3. what are the process to work?
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