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Fastest and cheapest way to get to Hamburg

Hi, I live in Sydney and would like to visit Hamburg next year, last time I travelled to Munich, and the travel agent said that I can't go to Berlin because there are no flights from sydney that go directly to Berlin, they only stop in Munich and Frankfurt.
However I wonder if there is a direct plane that goes to Hamburg. If there isn't what is the cheapest way to get to Hamburg from Sydney?
Also which cities would you prefer Hamburg or Berlin??



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    Have a look at Lufthansa or Air Berlin for internal flights.

    Alternatively, look at going by high-speed train (ICE). For 116 euros, you can buy a single ticket to Berlin - and the journey will take 6 hours. If you are planning to make more than 460 euros worth of train travel, make sure you buy a BahnCard 50 when you arrive. It will cut the cost of any rail travel in half, for one year, and it tends to pay for itself very quickly.
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    Thank you so much, all the information you have provided will to come to good use!
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    Hi, I'm from Malaysia and planning to travel to Germany (Frankfurt & Hamburg ) next year. I was wondering are there any tour agencies in Germany that handle European tours?

    Thank you.
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    Hi there future German tourists !

    Christina55, the best way to enjoy your vacation is to fly to Frankfurt, from there fly 50 minutes to Berlin and from Berlin take the ICE to Hamburg. If you buy a ticket 90 days in advance you can get it for 39 euros one way.
    I just did that in April, from Canada and it was excellent.
    Now, Berlin is a real metropol and in my opinion, is better to spend more time there, than in
    Hamburg. Prices are OK in both cities.
    Good luck
    The Canadian
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    If we are a group travelling from Switzerland and want to see the Black Forest ,but are restricted to rail travel, which is the best route to see the most, before then travelling to Paris
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