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I have just booked a weeks holiday for my girlfriend and I at the Royal Kenz Hotel in Port El Kantaoui for July. We have gone for the Full board option, so we will be eating in the hotel most of the time but we'll still be going out for drinks e.t.c. What is Port El Kantaoui like? Anyone have any experiences either of PEK or the Royal Kenz hotel?
I'm aware that it is a purpose built tourist town, and I will be wanting to see some of the 'real Tunisia' aswell. What is Sousse like? How is the best way to get there and how much does it cost? What would you reccomend seeing in Sousse?
Also, what is Tunis like? Is it worth visitng if you've already been to Sousse, and how much would a train there cost?
What are the excursions and trips from PEK like? Are they worth paying for or can you easily do them yourself for alot cheaper?
I really want to visit the Star Wars film set (to my girlfriends disgust), how would I go about doing this?
Overall, how much you reckon we would need (in pounds sterling) on average for the week?
Oh, one last thing. I have heard bad things about the men in Tunisia pestering girls. This isn't going to be a problem is it? What clothes should she wear/not wear to avoid this kind of hassle?


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    Ed - PEK is a purpose built tourist resort and as such is full of tourists!! It is quite beautiful though, with a lovely harbour and very nice cafes/restaurants and bars. As such the prices are higher than in the non tourist areas of Tunisia. It is very easy to get to Sousse from PEK, you can hire a taxi and these are very cheap or you can opt for the louage which are great! I would definitely tell you to visit Sousse and Hammamet (nearby), great medinas and bargaining opportunities in the souqs. Unless you speak any French or Arabic then I would suggest that you go on some of the organised tours. The hotel can organise these for you or you can do it through one of the travel agents although they all charge around the same. The Starwars films were made in Tataouine which is a long way from PEK, however, once again, there are tour buses that can take you for the day and it means you don't get tired driving there and back.

    Men do not pester women here!!! They look, they smile and sometimes they want to talk. If she is with you then they won't try anything with her. She should wear modest clothing, cover her chest and arms to the elbow and nothing tight, clingly or see through. Longer skirts or loosish pants are fine or a long top with jeans is also fine. Just no bikini tops or short shorts and she will be abfab!!
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    Thanks very much for your advice Lesley.
    What about Tunis and the Carthage ruins? Are they worth a trip?
    Ok I understand. But if PEK is purpose built for tourism, would she be ok to wear short shorts and a strappy top in PEK? And obviously in the hotel complex and at the beach, a bikini is fine?
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    Oh Yeah you will find alot of girls going topless in your hotel and next to nothing in the PEK . But i agree with Lesley . When going to local places it would be better to wear modest clothing . Oh yeah there is a lot to see of Carthage and it would have been a lot more to see if the romans did not burn it to the ground on 146 BC :( . I have been the hotel several times an it is a very good one . Have a wonderful holiday .
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    Ed2011 - sorry for late reply. Have not had access to internet for some time. If I were your girlfriend I would dress more modestly!! After all, here foreign women have a reputation for a reason...............having said that as long as you accompany here and can stand the staring without getting angry then yeah why not? Personally I do not see the need for a woman to be topless anywhere unless she is in the privacy of her own home.
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