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chinese passport travel to the US

edited March 2011 in Visa and Passport
hi I would really appreciate your help on this -

I am UK PR but still holding a Chinese passport which will be expired in early July this year. I have just booked my holiday to the US in late April (for 9 days only) and wonder whether they will allow me in?

Many thanks!


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    ime too, im a chinese citizen with uk Permanent Residence,
    we are going to american on 18th april, back on the 2nd of may,
    but my mums passport will be expired on the 12th of september,
    less then 6 month validation,
    we tried to ring chinese embassy in london all day but no answers,
    we going to london's chinese embassy tomorrow to find out tomorow but we dont think we can get it in a few days :(
    im really worried
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