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Conference visa for India

edited March 2011 in - India
Hi, I am a EU citizen and have just applied for a single entry visa to attend a conference in India end of March.
After submission of my visa application I realized that my passport has only 4 1/2 months left until expiry.
On the other hand I have read on the Indian embassy's webpage that the passport should have at least 6 months validity left. Does anyone know how seriously this rule is taken? While I can imagine such a rule to be
sensible for some types of visa , the conference visa I am applying for is only covering a week, so I don't see any rationale for this in my case. The clerk in the Indian consulate did not check the dates in my passport but I am wondering what the chances are that my application will be turned down, as I would get to know this just a day before the intended travel.

Many thanks in advance!


  • edited April 2011
    The rules are very stricked in terms of passport in India. I advice you don't take chance and extend your passport for any further problem.
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