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Which is cheaper: Ireland or Northern ireland?

Which is cheaper right now for travelers, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland? I am planning a trip in August. Right now, I know that all places in Europe are expensive because of dollar's weakness. I was just wondering if I would get more bang for my buck in the Republic or Northern Ireland. Thanks!


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    Caligirl3 - Rather than thinking about your "bang for buck"......shouldn't you be thinking about the actual experience you are coming to Eire/Northern Ireland for? You can see online how much it's cost to go and visit various places of interest, so my advice would be to do you homework, and make a list of the things you really want to do in order of preference. Work out the cost in either Euro for Eire/Sterling for N.Ireland, see if you've got enough money for everything you want to do, and if not .........prioritise your list accordingly. Don't be in such a rush (like most american visitors are) to say "done that - seen it"......... you only stopped for 30 minutes on the coach tour so didn't see anything. Make sure you really get a chance to stop, stay a while, and absorb the history and culture of what you want to see and do. This will make your visit so much more memorable!!!!
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    I am wondering how I can get to Dundee Scotland, altho it is not on our tour agenda. We will be in Edinborough and Glasgow, and some other places.
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    Republic of Ireland cheaper for fuel, way more expensive for food and pretty much everything else than northern ireland
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    Dundee about 2 hrs north of Edinburgh, but trust me, there's nothing there.
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    Both the Republic and the North have different things to offer I would say.

    For example in N.Ireland you can visit the capital Belfast and travel to the north coast to see Giant's Causeway and the rope bridge not far away from it. I would say Dublin has more entertainment compared to Belfast simply because it's a lot bigger and there are more interesting sites in Dublin. But I don't see any reason why you can't visit both as there is a train that goes from Dublin to Belfast and vice versa that takes about 2hours. (You can go to and check for the enterprise service). But it's hard to judge as both places have things to offer!
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    My wife and I are booked for last week in September thru first week in October for an escorted visitors bus tour around Ireland. From Dublin around the coast and then north thru Northern Ireland (Belfast) and the then around the eastern coast back to Dublin. We are doing this to get a "flavor" or taste of this country of my grandmother in the hopes of one day coming back for a self-drive tour of places that we would really like to spend more time in.

    Does this sound like a good idea?
    Does anyone have suggestions as to what to pack for clothes that time of year?
    Any hints?
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