April weather for Ireland and Scotland

How is the weather in Scotland and Ireland around the middle of april? If we take a cruise to Ireland, Scotland, and England the third week of April, what kind of weather can we expect? The ports tinclude: Cork, Brest Edinburgh, Inverness, Belfast, Dublin. Thank you so much for your help.


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    Have you heard the song " APRIL SHOWERS"?
    You will see some lovely sights but be a good girl scout and be prepared for rain. If you are lucky you will get bright spring days but don't count on it. A cardigan and a raincoat are essential anywhere in April. I'd also recommend flat walking shoes because most of the places you will be visiting still have some cobbled streets which can be slippy.
    On the bright side you will be visiting before the summer crowds and won't have long to queue at tourist sites. If you get time in Edinburgh I recommend THE GEORGIAN HOUSE in Charlotte square. This is a National Trust property.www.nts.org.uk/Property/56/
    Have a great cruise.

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