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Dalyan property

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Visited Bodrum last year, saw Altinkum and put deposit on property in Konacic; decided not to proceed as Bodrum area is not to my liking, after all. Too rugged, lacking greenery. Dalyan looks more rural (?) and found builder/ developer offering steel-frame seismic resistant stand-alone units at good prices.

Anyone had experience of Dalyan? What are residency / retirement (part or full year) requirements? What restrictions on foreign ownership?



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    I can understand you rejecting Bodrum beatiful as it is in the summer it dies once the season closes - I know I lived there for a while!

    Residency visas are obtainable from the local Polis Yabaci (foreigner) department. You go along in person and collect a form and fill it out and pay the appropriate fee. You need 4 passport photos, bank statements detailing your "financial standing" and your passport. Remember photocopies of these as well. If you have the TAPU for your property that and a photocopy as well. You then go back at the appointed time - usually 6 days later and pay for your "book" which is the residency permit. More information is available on the Turkish Consulate website. Talk to other expats as they will help out as well and know the indiosyncracies for your local area.

    Haven't had any experience of Dalyan - sorry.

    Have you looked at the Antalya area? All the advantages of a big city but some beautiful areas out lying. Also quite a lot cheaper than the Bodrum area both to buy property and everyday living.

    At he moment as far as I am aware there are no restrictions on foreign ownership except any local ones such as land being within military control etc. Again look for web forums for areas you are interested in, there are a few. Try Turkish Living Forums to get some answers from folk living here.

    Good luck with your venture :o)
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    have travelled a lot through Turkey & we adore Dalyan, nice climate , very green, good transport networks & the people are 'tops'! decent shops/ markets/ restaurants etc & in the main still VERY laid back. Tony
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    I wish I could somewhere in Turkey for a second home, I would just love. I just have to wait for my holidays to come around. Just 8 weeks to go
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    Thanks to all for your helpful comments; just what I hoped to hear!
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