Would I be able to enter UK on my EU ID card(Italian) from South Africa

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I have applied for our daughter to obtain an EU Residence Card (EEA2 application) through the UK Border Agency 5 months ago and had to send in my EU passport for this purpose. We have still not received the card although it is in process at the Home Office. I am loathe to request my passport back before the process is completed and if I do, I am not sure I will get it back in time. I intend to travel to South Africa (with my SA passport) in 3 weeks time.
My question is : Would I be able to leave and come back into the UK with only my EU ID card? I know I can do that from Europe, but can I do that from South Africa? Please help !


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    You can use your South African Passport to leave South Africa and your Italian ID card to enter the UK. I don’t see any problem that because you’re arriving to the UK from outside the EU you wouldn't be able to you to use your ID card to enter the UK.

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