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Drinking water and coffee

edited March 2011 in - Tunisia

I'm going to Sousse in April 2011.

Firstly, the travel agent advised me not to drink tap water, is this correct? Will it be ok to boil tap water for use in coffee?

Is it possible to buy white coffee in a cafe in Tunisia or is it only black coffee or a type of coffee a British person would not be used to?

Finally, how much can I expext to pay for a cup of coffee (roughly) in a cafe?



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    First of all, tap water is not safe but only a few cents for 2L bottle in the supermarket.

    Coffee - it's possible to get with milk, European style, mostly in Tunis. It's more common to get sweetened black coffee or the same with milk, but not like a latte. It is, however, very nice. You can expect to pay between 0.7-3 Dinars (from memory), which is less than 1 GBP at very most.
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