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Taxi safety in Varadero

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My sister and I are travelling to Varadero next week and decided against paying £60 for the organised transfer from the airport to the hotel choosing instead to get a taxi. We have since been told that this is not safe and we are putting ourselves at risk. As it is our first time to Cuba I would really appreciate any help / advice on this. Thanks!


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    Do NOT listen to ANYTHING about Cuba from that source again because they are completely out-to-lunch.

    Cuba is arguably the safest vacation destination of any developing country on earth and Varadero is likely the safest tourist enclave of it's size anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Absolutely no problems whatsoever taking a taxi from the airport to your resort.

    You'll need Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) for the taxi ride. The Cadeca to exchange your money is in the Departures Hall of the Airport. Exit Arrivals, turn left then left again into Departures. The Cadeca is on the left side of the room, you can't miss it.

    Have fun.

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