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Working in Europe - what visas do I need?

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HI. myself and my partner are travelling around the uk and europe next yr. Can anyone tell me if i need to get a visa for each country i travel to in europe to work and travel. We would like to work in italy and other countries
on our travels. Not actually sure what countries but i just want to make sure i have all bases covered before going. Cheers


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    What passport?
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    If you want to work then you will have to apply for a Work Visa and not a Tourist Visa which will not allow you to work. You donts say what passports you both have but I think you will need a different visa for each country you want to go to and you are supposed to apply for them BEFORE you leave your permanent residence which will also be costly.
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    I am an American. If I want to stay in Europe for 6 months I know I will need to leave and come back in after 3 months. What is the simplest place to exit and re-enter for an additional 3 months? Let's say I will be in France...
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    A visa in Europe isn't expensive at all which a UK person trying to move to america to emigrate I heard you need proof of 10 thousand pound. I'm in a bit of a predicament my self right now... I'm from England and we are moving to turkey next week, The guy i'm going to work for claims he has everything ready for us to sign when we get there BUT does that mean we cant start work straight off?
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    i live in the uk but i want to live and work in europe for 3-6 months over the winter..what visa do i need and how do i get one?
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    Hai my self is india need a work visa of germany let me know the process to get the visa
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