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Travelling around SE Asia for 3 months

edited March 2011 in Far East Asia
Hi me and a mate are planning on 3 months travelling starting in Thailand then into Laos through Vietnam through Cambodia back in to Thailand then down to Phuket wanting to do this in January/February of 2012. Any suggestion or tips would be massively helpful ie - accommodation,travel,food and beer prices thanks Miggy


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    Hi Miggy,

    Just go with the flow - costs vary for accom and food. My advise just get cheap accom which is widely available or get more expensive accom and share the room with your buddy. Beer is cheap from a store, but will pay more in a bar/club etc.
    Prices may be higher in January for accom. Phuket is run by the local Mafia,so expect to pay more for transport.
    In my opinion Phuket used to good 10 - 15 years ago, now it's to crowded and too polluted, unless you opt to stay away from Patong beach. But Patong is where the action and nitelife happens.
    Have a excellent trip
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    You should definitely try and visit Myanmar - you can get 2* and 3* hotels and guest houses which are pretty basic but clean and comfortable. Approximate amount for daily expense is about US $30.00 (lunch & dinner at local restaurants, not at hotels.)

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