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Been a fool, can anyone cheer me up now i have been scammed

edited March 2011 in Africa
Well, i have been the stupidest person in the world. I had been speaking to M C an Italian on facebook ea widower with a son aged 16 yrs and told me a story.
He started contact with me whilst working on an oil rig in lagos via facebook then yahoo messenger. He didnt have enough money to finish his airfare and needed $500 to complete the ticket i sent it too him via western union.
Whilst he was waiting at the airport he had drugs planted on him He was detained and they asked for his release of $32000 so he asked his friend. They were going to use me as the in between to send the money via my credit card which i refused as what his friend was asking for was illegal so that didnt come off.
He then told me they caught the man who planted the drugs on him. From this point i was asking questions, the officer said he wanted to help him and help me and that Michael was telling the truth. He was then release but had to pay a $5000 fee, and i stupidly paid half $2500, but then he was told he had to have a papers signed for release and again i stupidly paid another $2000.
Why did i do it, just as he thought he was free they then said they wanted him to pay to leave theairport as well as another airfare. Now i had be speaking since December and said after the first time i would not pay any money for him.
He said he didnt want to ask his friends as he was embarrassed and that i was the only person that could help him. Red flags were up all ovr the place but i didnt go with my head so i was duped yesterday when i made another transfer for his airfare. This is how stupid i have been he gave his phone that i contacted him on to another person so when i called this morning after trying all night it wasnt him and the person john whom i made the transfers to gave me a bullshit excuse that his friend had been shot last night why he hadnt answered his calls. He said Michael was coming to meet me in the uk, Johns son who had Michaels phone said he had gone back to the USA. That is my money and a small debt i have. Please Please Please anyone has a sniff of someone wanting anything say NO even if they say they have been trying to send proof of their identity.

I have been had it feels worse than a relationship but i will survive. Can anyone else tell me if they have been there and have come out the other side ok.


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    There are stories all over this site about people who have been scammed by others. I hope you heal in a timely manner, and I really hope you have learned a valuable lesson. If you have, it was worth the loss of money.

    Be good to yourself.
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