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Border between North & south Cyprus

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Is it possible to travel from north to south cyprus by car


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    yes you only pay insurance and you jucst need your passport and driving licence
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    Can a British citizen fly to the north of Cyprus, but when the trip is over, come to the south and fly from there to Israel?
    Or does he need to go back to the north of Cyprus and leave from there?
    Will he be given permission to fly from Larnaca? What will he need?
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    yes you can but you must complete a paper visa form on entry to the north and insist they stamp the paper visa and not your passport. on crossing to the south you again have them stamp only the visa paper. When you exit the south to Israel they do check to see if you came in through the south as you are an EU citizen and your passport is not stamped or scanned into and out of Cyprus. hope this helps.
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