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transport from sao paulo airport - Guarulhos

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At the recommendation of another review, which I now can't find, I used the services of Sao Paulo Airport Transfers on my recent trip to Sao Paulo. As a regular business traveller I really cannot recommend them enough, from the quality of car used, to the standard and courtesy of the driver.

My flight to Guarulhos was delayed by 2 hours and I was unable to contact anyone to let them know, but the driver was waiting patiently for me when I arrived, and assisted me with my luggage.

The most outstanding aspect of the service was when I was taken back to the airport. When leaving the vehicle my Blackberry must have fallen out of my pocket, the driver spotted this after I was inside the terminal and actually came looking for me at the check in desk. Fantastic!

The website of the company is reasonably easy to remember, it's - they provide taxi transfers from Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport(if you hadn't worked that out already!), they may also offer the same service from Congonhas, but would be best to check that with them.




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    Thanks for the info Phil. My wife has booked us with the same company for when we visit Sao Paulo for our son's wedding in a few weeks time.

    So far they seem to be quite good, at least as far as the booking process and replying to emails. Will report back after we've used their services to advise on the details of the actual transfer.

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    check out this site:

    I travel a lot to Sao Paulo and always use their services. All drivers speak english and they meet you at the exit gate by the airport as well.
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    Also used Sao Paulo Airport Transfers and had a good experience. Advantage with the company is that I paid and received confirmation online, rather than sending an email and waiting for a reply - I tend to travel last minute and want everything done on the spot rather than waiting for email replies.
  • Nice story.....  I can't believe that because Brazil is known as violence area and there you get responsible company... Well thanks for share a such nice experience...
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