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how to obtain a transit visa to abu dhabi

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hi, my husband and i will be travelling to philippines via etihad airways. I would like to know how to obtain a transit visa, we have philippine passport. i read in some website that you are allowed to transit max of 96hours provided that you have an outbound journey other than abu dhabi. can somebody help me.thanks in advance!


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    I am a south african im visiting dubai for 4 days using etihad air lines then will proceed to dubai by etihad bus ,since we will land first in abu dhabi which visa must i take remember its from south africa via abu dhabi to dubai
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    Does any one know if there is a post code for UAE sharjah dubai please
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    you should have one visa to enter uae if you are arriving in Abu Dhbai airport you should have visa in advance and there is no visa requierd to enter in city by road or by air

    Suhail Agha
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    dear guest
    there is no bost code syestem of city we are have P. O box indviualy
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    i m travelling through etihad from london to lahore n stopover 15hrs at abu dhabi i want to go out of airport,airline said they cant do it for me but then they said they ll try n email me some forms and ask to pay as well.i want to know how it works legally airline should give me accomodation n visa arrangements.can any one help plz
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    Dear SHA
    in UAE air lines are offering stop over visa to there passpanger it is normal way they will send you visa application form you have to fill and send them back and full ammount of visa in advance then they will aply your visa one visa is issued by immgration they will send you copy of that or you can get visa from any travel agent in DUbai like us
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    i am traveling by etihad airline to USA. my stop over is 2 or 3hrs. Reaching 6:50 am. leaving 10:05 am aprox. do i need a transit visa. i am not goin to leave the airport.
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    rati - if you don't pass through immigration you dont need a transit visa.
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    Hi Friend,
    I'm Indian citizen having USA work permit Visa. I'm travelling back to India from USA through Dubai on ETIHAD airlines.
    What is the best way to get the Stop over transit visa for 1 day?

    I appreciate your response.
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    I am EU citizen flying from Egypt to Australia via Abu Dhabi. Do I need transit visa, if yes then how to get it?
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    I am from Asia....I got visa last week...but my sponsor name was wrong on my visa. Do i need new one? If so how long does it take to correction my visa?
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    ttt, as long as you have visa sponsor name doesnt matter when u come they'll correct it.
    lili, transit if not passing through immigration no need for visa, staying in the air port requires no visa.
    ravi, u can apply for transit visa through travel agencies in uae or uae embassy in states wish u best of luck but in your case visa is hard to obtain.
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    ttt, btw you dont have to shout it out in the air port that sponsor name is wrong, after you enter the country while doing the residence they'll correct it , you dont want troubles in the air port.
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    hi everyone, we are flying with etihad going to thailand through Abu Dhabi, will be on Abu Dhabi airport for 1hour and half, do we need to obtain a transit visa.
    My boyfreiend is italian and i am bulgarian and i needed to get a thai visa but he didnt
    many thanks
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    to get visas to Abu Dhabi go to and apply online
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    Hi we came from bahamas need to stop-over in abudhabi 3-4 our connecting flights going to manila.Do we need to have transit visa?..than you
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    i would be traveling to south africa from london via Abu Dhabi and i am using a travel document issued in United Kingdom,will i need to apply for a transit visa
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    I am travellingfrom Sydney via Abu Dhabi to and from Ireland want to spend a couple of night there on my way back, but I visited Israel on holidays 3 years ago so have a stamp on my passport am I likely to have problems getting a visa for a 2 night stasy?
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    Hi i will be transiting abu dhabi going to ireland would i need a visa im a south african passport holder
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    Hi i have a visit visa in abudhabi and i have a friend with me who have a visit in dubai. Is it okey if the airlines i will be in is arriving at dubai airport so that we can go with the same plane because i want to stay first in dubai? what airline would that make it possible? Do i have to go first in abudhabi before i will be going to dubai?
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    I am flying Etihad Airways from South Africa to Moscow and need to stop over at Abu Dhabi. Outbound flight 23:50 to 08:45 I need to wait for my flight to Moscow at Abu Dhabi Airport. Do I need a transit visa?
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    I will be travelling from KSA to Dubai/Abu Dhabi and to Ahamdabad, India
    Can I get 24hrs stay in Abudhabi/Dubai during transit
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    hi, my husband and I together with our child are Filipino citizens that will be travelling to Philippines from Italy via Etihad Airways, since we have a 14 hrs stopover we would like to leave for a moment the Abu Dhabi airport to visit some friends and relatives. Do we need need to apply and get a transit visa and how and where do we obtain it, we have philippine passports. We want to stay in a hotel, did they arrange and apply it for us? I read in some forums that the residents and citizens from Italy can get a free visa on arrival valid for 60 days, if we are residents from Italy but filipino citizens, can we avail this kind of privileges and how it works?
    Thanks a lot in advance!
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    i'm travelling from cairo to abu dhabi (in transit for 3 hrs) for Johannesburg ... having 2 toddlers - is there any entertainment at the airport for the little ones while in transit
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    I,am an candian immigrant from india,i want to vist my Daughter,son in law ,working in Dubai,residing in sharja UAI

    i want to travel by ithad airlines to bangalore india via dubai from canada, and want to stay for 15 days enroute to bangalore

    how to get the trasit vis for this short vist.kindly intimate by E mail

    travel plan monteral to Bangalore india via Dubai [email protected]
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    This is my very first post on this forum. I will be flying to Rotterdam in Netherlands, and have a Dutch MVV Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf visa. Since none of the major airlines fly to Rotterdam airport, one of the options I have is to transit through Milan Malpensa with an onward flight to Rotterdam on a low cost career like easy jet etc. I was wondering if I need an airport transit visa for Milan, even though I will be having a confirmed onward ticket to Rotterdam for Milan, leaving exactly after two hours from the time I arrive at Milan airport. I have searched through the internet for an answer, and it seems that I DON'T require a transit visa for Milan considering that I have a Dutch MVV Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf, with a confirmed onward ticket to Rotterdam in Netherlands and will not be getting out of the airport or even the airport terminal, as both flights arrive and depart from the same terminal. Please confirm if the information I got from searching on the internet is correct that I DON'T need a transit visa for Milan in my case. Please do keep in mind that I will be traveling on a Pakistani passport.

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    I am Indian citizen holding Indian passport and at present working in Senegal west Africa. My daughter and son-in-law stays in Abudhabi.

    I like to visit my daughter on the way Chennai-Dubai-Dakar during my travel from Chennai to Dakar via Dubai.

    Please guide me to how get transit visa, so that i can meet my daughter.

    1. Can i get transit visa ? , if so what is the procedure and cost ?
    2. Is it must for me to show hotel voucher or my daughter home address is enough? for obtaining transit visa.

    my mail id is [email protected]


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    I want to travel to USA for a week alone and I have an Indain passport and I am only 15 years old,can someone help by telling which is the best way for geting a visa.

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    I want to know that do i need transit visa for abu dhabi? i m going to ireland via abu dhabi and i m holding 2 yrs. work permit of ireland. i don't want go out from airport. i m travelling in EITHAD airways. Please tell me as soon as possible. my e-mail address is:
    [email protected]
    Please help me
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    i hold a sa passport and will be arriving at dubai airport from copenhagen around midnight and have to wait 10 hours for a connecting flight to durban
    do i need a visa to stay at the airport hotel
    where can I stay for the 10 hour wait between flights - in confort and being able to sleep and eat and shower
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    if i have the question abut visa in dubai who will be answer it ?
    from the post i didnt see anyone reply the question ,
    I really need a help about visa offer form tour agency and hotel .
    any one know a good tour agency to recommend so i could contact them ?
    Thank you .
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    Hi,My brother is coming to UAE to stay for one day and he will travel to US.Here I'am holding resident visa.What would be the best thing i can provide him for a VISA to stay here.
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    I intend travelling on Emirates to Dublin, Ireland on a South African passport. I will be in transit in Dubai for 7 hours. Will I require a transit visa?
  • Hey, I would like to travel to Abu Dhabi and I have a British Passport,they have said that i will get visa on arrival but i'm not sure if it is for 30 days or 60 days free of charge?? could someone please tell me accurately. That would be great, thanks.
  • British citizens can travel to Abu Dhabi and enter on a 30 day tourist visa granted free of charge upon arrival at the airport.

    Non tourist visas are issued to those visiting family or on business trips for 60 days ,given free of charge at the airport. These visas can be extended for up to 90 days 
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