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Floods in Thailand

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I have just heard about the floods in Thailand, which have killed 11 people and left thousands of tourists stranded. Apparently Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao have been really hard hit. The airport is closed at Koh Samui we well making it hard for people to get out.

Does anyone have more information or any experiences on what's going on? # Thailand floods


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    my sister is on Koh Tao island stranded in knee to waist depth of water in some places - they was supposed ot get on a rescue military boat today but they was not allowed as children and elderly first! they are unsure if the boat is going back to collect them tommorrow! the seas waves are 3 meters high so unable to get any boats! I need to find out if the ship is returning but dont know how! its apparently chaos!
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    Does anyone know if ferries are still leaving Phuket to Phi Phi Island, and if Phi Phi has been affected at all? thanks really need to know-have people on Phuket needing to leave
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    Rosie - looks like the worst of the flooding is over. The Thai military are stepping in to get people out. The country's only aircraft carrier, Chakri Naruebet, picked up 734 holidaymakers, 532 of them foreigners, from Koh Tao early this morning. More will be picked during the day. Koh Samui airport is back to normal operations, which is helping get people back to Bangkok and beyond.
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    My daughter is going to Bangkok and Phuket in two weeks, can somebody tell me if it is safe to go now??
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    It seems like everything is back to normal now, but I feel really sorry for the people who were stranded. The Gulf of Thailand where Ko Samui, Ko Phangan and Ko Tao are located was the hardest hit place, as well as the train station in Surat Thani (which has only just reopened) but ferries/trains are running again now and apparently the sun is out! The Phuket side has been fine for a little while now. Thailand is still likely to be a little bit rainy in the build up to the monsoon season but generally it should be pretty sunny (and very hot!). The floods were very unusual for this time of year.
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    Hi there, I am thinking of traveling to Thailand next week for a month - was thinking of landing in Phuket first for a week then head to Koh Pangan before heading north. Can anyone please tell me if everything has returned to normal with the flooding and if it's safe to travel there at this time? thanks
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