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Transfer between airports in KL, Malaysia

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Hello, we are travelling to Malaysia from South Africa, (2 adults, 2 children - 6 and 8). We arrive at the Kuala Lumpur international airport at 6:00am and have to catch a flight to Tioman island at the 'other' KL airport at 11:20. Never having travelled to Malaysia before, it would be great if I could get answers to the ff. questions:

1.What is the best way to transfer between airports, (without having to pay and arm and a leg).
2.How long can we expect the journey between airports to take?
3.Finally, Berjaya Air, (the internal carrier), only allows 10kg. We will be returning to KL and were wondering whether we might be able to 'store' potential 'excess baggage' at the airport.

Would really appreciate any/all input.
Thank you!


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    hi I am also a south african and dont know that much. We stored our luggage in the lockers and got stung as we thought it was $5.00 a day but $5.00 an hour. It is 50 kms from the main airport to subang airport and it dosnt go through the centre of town so shouldnt take that long although it is about 50 minutes or more into the centre of town. We are going in July so doing some research on the other airport as we have never flown out of there before. we are flying with fireflyz and they allow quite a bit of luggage. cheers sally
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    hi it looks like the only way if you want to get there on time is by taxi apparantly it takes about 65 minutes more or less depending on traffic. apparantly there is luggage storage at Subang airport where you fly out through the doors on the left, it might be better to store it there to save yourself time messing around at KL main aiport
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