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Saudi Arabia Business Visa for UK individual

edited February 2009 in Middle East
Hi, My husbands company are based in Saudi and have sent over a letter of invitation for him to spend 1 day at the business in Saudi. We are going on holiday and spending time in Dubai and then Bahrain where he was then going to spend the day in Saudi. The problem is the letter is now going to arrive too late and I dont see him getting the visa processed in time and do not want to risk sending his passport away to London to find out we are too late to ho on holiday.

My question is: Can he apply for the Saudi visa whilst we are in Bahrain?



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    i TRAVELLED extensively in the Middle East. Double check with the Saudi embassy. Usually you can only obtain a visa for Saudi in the country where you are resident.
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    It is too complecated for Vietnamese to get visa to Middle East, which company could isse Ivitation letter to the travel company in Hanoi Handetour, so they could foward tourist to Middle East
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    Ihold a multi entry Visa for work my current is a six month Visa, which is the expirery date on the Visa????
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    I have a conundrum; please help. I have a passport with a 180 day business visa for Saudi. The passport is valid until 14 Nov 11 as a result Lufthansa would not let me fly due to passport being under 6mths validity. I need to travel in one week. There is not time to get a new visa. I have booked an appointment with the passport office but am unsure what I need. Here's why:
    The KSA embassy in UK say that I should have been allowed to fly as the 180 visa makes the 6 month rule irrelevant. The visa issuing office agree. None of the above would confirm this in writing.
    The passport office say that I need to cancel my old passport except for the visa page, get a new passport and travel with two passports using one as the visa. The KSA embassy in UK agree this is common and would work.
    The KSA embassy in KSA say that this wouldn't work as the passport number the visa is linked to would be different to the new passport number. Please help.
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    I heard about Visas and Work Permits in Dubai, i think they have office as well in the UK but I am not really sure. My friends tried their services already and none of them had any complaints. I just want to see if anybody here have heard or encountered this company as well? Thanks
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